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Hiking the Volusnica loop in Prokletije national park, Montenegro

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We hiked the Volusnica loop in Prokletije national park, during our trip to Montenegro in 2023. Our base was in the Grebaje vallay in Prokletije national park, which you reach on a short, but narrow road from Gusinje. We stayed inside the park gate in Bungalows Katun Maja Karanfil. Many hiking trails start here, and it is a convenient location to be based.

A popular trail is the 10 km Volusnica loop, which offers great views of the Karanfil mountains. The trail has approximately 1000 m vertical, starting at 1100 m ASL in the valley. The trail follows ridge lines across three peaks, and a section of the trail is right at he border with Albania.

It is not a difficult trail. We took it slow, it was the first time T was hiking after his illness, and we were not sure of his physical abilities. All went well, and it was a very emotional experience to pass this milestone in his healing.

The view towards the Karanfili range on out hike in Prokletije. We hiked a clock-wise circle in the morning, and had the sun in the eyes when admiring the view. For the best view, hike counter-clockwise in the afternoon.
Completing the Volusnica loop in Prokletije national park as a family was special

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