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About us

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Behind Travel with Foldbjerg is Helle, Peter, and our sons T (born 2006) and N (born 2008). From the big dreams to the detailed planning, from living the moment to reliving memories from photos.

We seek quiet places in beautiful mountain landscapes. We like backpacking and road trips. Rafting, canyoning and safaris are ingredients for days we enjoy. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery inspires to capture it in photographs, and we bring lots of photos home from trips. We like the independence of planning and moving around on our own. We don’t crave luxury, and prefer to travel more on a budget.

T has celiac disease (as the only one of us), so travelling gluten free is a necessity. It adds complications and requires additional preparation, but has never prevented us from going to a place.

During 2022 and 2023, T was ill with the disease ME. The chance for recovery is poor, and we faced a possible future where T could not travel, and at least one of of us would need to stay home to assist him. But he recovered in June 2023, and we can travel again as a family. That experience was a reminder of the privilege we have, to be among those in the world who are able to travel for leisure.

Travel blogs have been a big source of inspiration for us, and with this blog, we would like to give back. Here we share our experiences and itineraries from our adventures.

Since T was born in 2006, we have travelled as a family. Helle and Peter both have full-time jobs, so we want to make the best of the six annual weeks of vacation we have. We leave home not only to explore our beautiful planet, but also to bond as a family and broaden our horizon.

We have a big map of the world in our living room, here dreams are born.

Get started on our blog page. Or meet other like-minded and Danish-based bloggers on En Verden Af Rejser.

At the Adishi glacier in Caucasus, Georgia