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Hiking Wadi Ghuweir and Wadi Dana in Dana Nature Reserve (Jordan)

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Hiking Wadi Ghuweir and Wadi Dana in Dana Nature Reserve was a top priority for our road trip in Jordan in April 2024. All four of us travelled together on this trip.

After periods of rain the water level in Wadi Ghuweir can be too high to make hiking possible, and as with any slot canyon, floods can appear suddenly. We had asked in advance at Feynan Ecolodge, if the trail was passable, and if we needed a guide. They confirmed it could be done, and explained that other guests had recently hiked independently – but they always do recommend using a local guide. We travelled during ramadan, and the Feynan staff preferred not to ask their guides to go on full-day hikes during fasting when it was not essential.

The logistics can be tricky. We stayed a night at Dana village, and left our rented car in the village. The guest house staff arranged a driver who could drive us to Al Mansour village the following morning. The trailhead of the Wadi Ghuweir hike is in Al Mansour. We hiked to Feynan Ecolodge, slept there, and hiked back to Dana village the following day on the Wadi Dana Trail.

Wadi Ghuweir trail

Wadi Ghuweir is a slot canyon and an incredibly beautiful day hike. It is the more challenging of the two hikes. We were glad we hiked it towards Feynan Ecolodge, as this is the downhill direction. Some of the passages would have been very difficult going up. The canyon has steep sides in many-colored rock.

Palm trees grow in the canyon, sometimes seemingly on the bare rock, suspended in the air.

We wore hiking shoes, and we were able to keep our feet dry for two thirds of the hike. But we reached passages, where we needed to rappel with improvised ropes into deep pools, and we changed to sandals. Some of these passages were challenging, and the boys had a lot of fun.

We walked 18 km, with approx 400 meter descend.

Wadi Dana trail

After a good evening and night at the exceptional Feynan Ecolodge, we walked up Wadi Dana to Dana village. The valley is wide and the trail has broad views of the dry and rocky landscapes. Bedouins have camps in the valley and herds of goats and sheep.

We started the hike in long trousers to be respectful of local traditions. But it was a very warm day. We met many large groups hiking down, all in shorts and t-shirts. When the temperature peaked at mid-day, we decided to zip off and continue in shorts.

Wadi Dana Trail is an easy trail to follow. We walked 13 km, with 850 meter ascend.

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