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How to travel gluten free in Romania

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In this post we share our experiences on how to travel gluten free in Romania.

Read more about celiac disease and how it affects T here.

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Romania was fairly easy to travel gluten free.

We had brought a selection of gluten free bread from Denmark. We only visited a few supermarkets, so we don’t have much experience with gluten free food in supermarkets. In the places we did go, we did not find much.

For breakfast at Casa Albert in Brasov, Tobias used the bread we had brought from home with jam or eggs from the hotel breakfast. At hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest there was a selection of gluten free options he could choose from.

Most restaurants prepare dishes from basic ingredients. We chose dishes that would normally not contain any gluten and asked how food was prepared.  Some of the restaurants we went to knew about gluten and celiac disease, but most did not. English was spoken in all the places we visited, but at a basic level in some places, and communication about kitchen proceses and hygiene requires precise language. We left a few places where we were uncertain if we were understood. Everywehere we went people were friendly and wanted to help.

For lunch and dinner Tobias had potatoes, eggs, fried chicken and soup.

Eating out in Bucharest
Eating out in Bucharest


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