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Canyoning in the Paiva river in Portugal

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We went canyoning in the Paiva river in Portugal during a road trip in July 2021. We went on a tour with Clube do Paiva. The tour started in Arouca with a minibus ride to a small village. We were three guides and six tourists: Our family and a Dutch couple.

The agency equipped us with wet suits, helmets and harnesses. We wore trail running shoes or sandals. The water was fresh, and in the wet suits on a warm day, the temperature was comfortable.

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It was fun to move through the river in wetsuits
Rapelling one of the descents.
Helle jumped instead of rapelling
Nikolaj also wanted to try jumping
The river bed was slippery and it required focus to keep the balance
Helle at the top of another 10-meter jump
Helle rapelling in the waterfall
Rapelling on a canyoning trip on the Paiva river

Canyoning in the Paiva river in Portugal ended with a group photo.

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