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3-day Bulgaria road trip with hiking to the 7 Rila lakes

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Peter did a 3-day Bulgaria road trip solo with hiking to the 7 Rila lakes in the summer of 2022. From Sofia I drove south in a rented car to the Rila Monastery. I hiked to the 7 Rila lakes, and spent the last day in the Vitosha natural reserve. I travelled while T was ill with ME.

The Rila mountains of Bulgaria are close to the capital Sofia, and easily reached by car. There are several monasteries. The Rila monastery is very photogenic for it’s layered architecture.

The Rila Monastery

Seven Rila lakes hike

The hike to the seven Rila lakes is the best known hike in Rila national park. The trail is very picturesque, as it takes you past the seven lakes. I hiked while there were still snow fields to cross, and in perfect sunny weather.

There is a cable car that goes up from the parking area, which passes the steepest and least interesting part of the mountain. The cable car was not in operation on the day I was there, so I decided to hike from the parking area. I ascended 1200 metres, and the total hike was 17 km.

Vitosha hike

Vitosha natural reserve is right on the edge of Sofia, and can be reached by public transport. I drove to the Aleko hut, and parked there.

The trail passes boulder fields known as “the golden bridges”

Later that summer Helle travelled with N to Bulgaria on a six-day road trip.

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